Obsession & Other Stories by Chris Longmuir

Chris Longmuir has recently published two books of short stories to Amazon for the Kindle.

The product description for Obsession & Other Stories says it is a collection of short stories meant to entertain and intrigue. The collection includes dark and gritty crime stories as well as a couple of gentler ones.

These six short stories are a mixed batch which I hope you will enjoy. They include:-

Obsession – which is a dark story about a stalker, and not recommended for those of a nervous disposition. This was the story which gave birth to the Night Watcher and is the precursor of my novel of the same name.

In Zofia’s Footsteps – is the story of migrant fruit pickers working on a fruit farm in Scotland. Make up your own mind whether or not there is a hint of the paranormal in this one.

Not a Bad Person – is a gritty story which introduces Baz, a heroin addict and what he feels compelled to do to acquire money to feed his habit.

Ghost of Christmas Past – is a gentle ghost story which is not in the least scary, although I’m better known for my scary stories.

Sin – is a tale of the Magdalene Laundries, the institutions for unmarried mothers which were infamous in Ireland in the not too distant past.

Santa’s Little Helper – a little bit of nonsense to finish off with.

Obession & Other Stories can be downloaded from Amazon.com here.

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