Launch Day for Dear Dee by loveahappyending author Sue Uden

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Dear Dee by Sue Uden

John wants retribution for his daughter’s broken life.  And he wants to fix it.  Nickii, his wife, wants for the pain of this quest to stop threatening his health.  All Jackie wants is for a miracle rewind to take her back to being a young mother living with her husband and children.

Set in the 1980s, Dear Dee is a story of a family struggling to come to terms with living with mental illness.  It highlights in part how a family in need of help and advice could fall through the net of care and support.  At times sad, but also uplifting and, hopefully, raising the odd smile the book tells how they eventually find a sense of peace after tragedy.

Paperback:  195 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9781848971479
Classification: Fiction
Publisher : Olympia Publishers

Dear Dee can be purchased from for £6.29 and from for $11.99 US.

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