Wish I Was Here…

Near Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire

This is the area of Scotland where my father was born and lived until he and four of his nine siblings were admitted to The Orphan Homes of Scotland. I’ve visited here many times and have made some very good friends in the area. Wish I was there now.

You don’t suppose that’s where Finn McDuff disappears to, do you? To find out where his self imposed exile is, you can purchase the book from amazon.co.ukfor £0.95 or from amazon.com for $1.30.

16 thoughts on “Wish I Was Here…”

  1. That’s such a lovely area – if a bit chilly at this time of year – and the forecast today is for snow. But then Scotland is beautiful at any time and with your family connections Melanie – I think it is an excellent choice for ‘Wish I Was Here…’!
    Janice xx

  2. We spent part of the year of our 25th wedding anniversary here. The other part travelling around the country. In the earlier part of our vacation, we renewed our vows in the church at The Orphan Homes of Scotland (now Quarriers Village) with our Scottish friends and family present.

  3. Thanks for sharing that lovely piece of news with us, Scotland is a tad too cold for me, but I think you quite like to cold. Nonetheless, I’m sending you sunny smiles 🙂

  4. I have always wanted to go to Scotland. Where my heritage is concerned, I’m a bit of a mutt. I’m a little Scottish, a little German, and a little Native American. I would love to travel to your place Melanie. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My father was raised in an orphanage in Kansas US until he was ten. He had wonderful stories to tell. We visited it when I was 13, many many many years ago. It’s under water now as they built a dam up above it.

    I’d love to visit Scotland

  6. Fell in love with the Highlands as parts reminds me very much of my other homeland, Germany. Too cold in winter but glorious the rest of the year. Lovely choice.

  7. I’m used to the cold since the winters here in Eastern Ontario can get pretty frigid, although this morning is rather balmy. 7C they were saying on the radio and supposed to go up to 10C!

    This is December! There should be snow on the ground. It would look more Christmassy and maybe put me into the spirit. At least let me get my shopping done first then it can snow all it wants.

  8. What an awful thing for a young boy to be taken from such a beautiful place. So glad you can go back and make new, good memories there. I wish I was there too!

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