Book Review – Gunther the Underwater Elephant written and illustrated by Ginger Nielson

I recently had the opportunity to read fellow 4RV Publishing author, Ginger Nielson’s, delightful children’s picture book Gunther the Underwater Elephant.

Written for children from ages 4-8, this story tells about a young elephant who discovers that he can swim underwater by using his trunk as a snorkel.

One day while swimming, he gets separated from his family and ends up out of the jungle river and in the ocean where he befriends some other creatures who help him find his way back home.

Each page is filled with colourful illustrations that will fascinate curious children and keep them enchanted from the turn of the first page to the closing of the cover at the end.

Gunther the Underwater Elephant can be purchased from the 4RV Publishing Catalogue during the Christmas sale (ends December 5) for $11.55 US. It can also be purchased from for $12.47 US, for $16.21 CDN, and on for £9.03. Gunther is also available through Barnes & Noble currently retailing at $11.51 US.

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