2011 is almost over

Another Christmas has come and gone. The next big thing on the calendar is New Years. So do you make resolutions? Better yet, if you do, do you keep them? Do you go out and celebrate New Years Eve?

Here, where I live, they have concerts in the churches beginning early in the evening and continuing to “the hour”. I’ve watched the celebrations online in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and London and on those nights I’ve managed to stay awake, the big “do” in Time Square in New York City, and in Toronto. This year’s celebrations in Niagara Falls look like they’ll be quite interesting. There’s only been one year in my memory that my town did anything huge for New Years and that was 1999 when we were flipping into 2000. For the entire year, a countdown clock had been affixed to one of the downtown stores, then on the big night, a ball was raised down at the waterfront followed by fireworks. It was a fun night.

If this year is like any other, we’ll stay in, maybe watch a movie and be in bed long before midnight.


5 thoughts on “2011 is almost over”

  1. My husband and I usually have a quiet Hogmany too and this year will be no exception. We have been invited out – but as we would have to drive (a taxi would be impossibe) – we prefer to have a few drams at home by the fire. Our sons (two in Edinburgh) usually bring in the New Year on Princes Street watching the fireworks over the castle. I’ll be raising a glass to you Melanie – as I think I’m right in saying we have New Year before you – so I might catch you before you go to bed! xx

  2. Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful New Year, Melanie! We always have a meal at a local restaurant during the evening of Hogmanay, then bring in the New Year at home – with any of the family who are around. We usually watch the festivities from Edinburgh on TV, which is cosier than standing in the cold.

  3. Janice and Rosemary, your plans for this evening sound relaxing and warm. I’m hoping to catch the festivities via streaming webcam in Scotland and will be able to watch them at 7:00 pm our time so I can be guaranteed to see at least one New Year come in.

    All the best to both of your for a safe and happy 2012! And may you both sell loads of books!

  4. Celebrating at home with some bubbly. Times Square makes me glad I am not there, or anywhere else, except perhaps the beach somewhere warm.
    Wishing you all the very best for 2012!

  5. Thanks Maggie! I agree about Time Square but I have to admit being intrigued with the Niagara Falls celebrations.

    Still, happy to be tucked up where it’s warm and cozy.

    Sending you best wishes for 2012, too!

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