Another successful Valentine’s Brunch

The brunch today at the Loch March Golf Course in Kanata was a huge success. The venue was absolutely gorgeous. A wood fire crackled in the large stone fireplace. Large windows let in lots of natural light making the room bright and cheery.

The food was excellent. The menu included Summer Mix Salad, Pickle and Olive Tray, Garden Vegetables and Dip, Vegetarian Lasagna, Chicken Breast in White Wine Mushroom Sauce, Seasoned Rice, Rolls and Butter, Assorted Desserts (cheesecake, apple pie and chocolate mousse cake) and Fresh Fruit. Coffee and tea were set up and available throughout the afternoon. And for those feeling so inclined – a cash bar. The food was amazing. I was particularly fond of the chicken although enjoyed everything.

It being a Valentine’s Brunch, I had to come up something to wear. I had decided on my black leggings and had a few red tops in mind but when they weren’t available, I decided on a red leather jacket. That created another problem. I needed shoes. So after a lot of traipsing around and not finding the right shoes, the right colour to match the jacket, or worse still, not finding any in my size, yesterday my husband and I made a trip to Kingston. We were going to Costco on our bulk grocery run so decided to go to The Shoe Company. I found the perfect shoes! Right colour, my size and comfortable! Anne, my friend and co-worker who recently lost her valiant fight against cancer, would definitely approve of them.

We had three members, including me, who were up for the Jo Beverley first book award. Aislinn MacNamara, Coreene Smith, Kathryn Donaldson and myself. That’s the order in which the presentations were made. We were told ahead of time to be prepared to say a few words about how our first book came to be. In my speech, I mentioned Anne and the reason behind needing the perfect shoes to go with the ensemble.

This isn’t the best picture with the award because of the glare on the glass coming in from those amazing windows and then the flash on the camera going off. But still, I look happy in it so I had to post it.

Teresa Wilde did an excellent job with each of these Jo Beverley awards. Each one was designed to fit with the genre and time period each book is set in. Mine definitely has a Victorian flavour. I absolutely love it! My original plan was to hang mine centered over the awards I received two years ago at the brunch (mentioned in my earlier post) but it’s too big to fit there. So… I think I’m going to hang it where my first cover article hangs and maybe put it in the place I’d reserved.

Right now, that’s neither here nor there because it will be taken to work and shown off, to my various family members and local writers group and likely many other places before it resides permanently in its place of honour.

Here’s a close up of my wonderful award. I can’t begin to say how much it means to me.

Ottawa Romance Writers’ Association
Jo Beverley First Book Award

Presented to Melanie Robertson-King

For the sale of
A Shadow in the Past
To 4RV Publishing




19 thoughts on “Another successful Valentine’s Brunch”

  1. I WANT an award! LOL! Well done Melanie – congratulations! I LOVE your outfit it’s just Lady Baggot’s thing and I want the shoes too!! I am also interested to know what handbag you teamed it with. I am a shoe and handbag person!!

  2. I love red shoes! I’m currently into a pair of red lace up ankle boots, which I call my Dorothy boots. They’re sooo comfortable, to me they are magical! I team with a red scarf or necklace when nothing else is to hand 😉 Huge CONGRATS on the award, Melanie. Be proud. It’s perfect! xx

  3. Ooh! I like the sexy new you image. Is that your ‘famous author’ image for distribution here, there and everywhere. It shouts – must read that book, written by such a sexy lady. Now, pay attention, if you’re asked to speak at events you really must dress like this. Make the audience go WOW! and you’ll sell loads.

  4. You are looking great in that outfit (great shoes) and the award is top notch! Love the frame and the look of it. It will be a centre-piece no matter where you decide to put it. Well done!

  5. Thanks ladies! As for the handbag, Mandy, I just used my tried and true old faithful black one. After all, I did have my black boots and long black leather coat on to go to and from the venue. It was mighty chilly stood outside getting that photo taken.

  6. Hi Melanie
    How exciting,Congratulations! Anne would be so proud of you for this award, and she would love the shoes.

  7. Hi Melanie. You are amazing!!!!. Congratulations you must be so excited. Anne would be so proud of you. You go girl, you deserve it. You look fantastic.!!.

  8. Hi Mel.

    Our Family is so proud of you and your accomplishment. Yet another thing Anne did right in her life was have a friend like you who cared for her so much and then gave you to us! I can’t wait to read your book. Keep in touch!


    Penny Hutton

  9. Hearty Congratulations Melanie !!!!! Grand looking award !!! U R looking
    amazing, fabulous outfit !!!! May u get lots of awards in the days to come !! Amen !!

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