Automotion – August 5, 2012

Car shows might not have anything to do with writing, but it this car show is in my hometown and since I’m writing about it, it makes it about writing and photos and other little snippets of life I’ve included.

This morning’s thunderstorm around 5:00 followed by another rain shower around 7:30 severely reduced the number of participants at this year’s Automotion car show.

Normally, there isn’t an empty space to be had anywhere on Blockhouse Island, the Water St parking lot, Market St West and Armagh Sifton-Price Park. It’s always wall to wall cars. I’ve marvelled at how they get so many cars packed so tightly together and have thought I’d love to see them getting these beautiful machines maneuvered without damage.

After lunch, Mr MR-K and I walked down to the event in relative sunshine. At least there was a breeze down at the river and despite some ominous looking clouds blowing over, the only water was in the river and the bottled variety they were selling. The occasional spray from waves crashing against the breakwater was actually quite refreshing.

Because the weather forecast was for showers all day, I didn’t bother taking my digital SLR camera with me and just used the camera on my Blackberry.

Tow Mater’s cousin – Odessa Mater
Pontiac GTO Judge

My mum had one of these cars. Hers was a 1970 green in colour with a darker green vinyl roof. Pretty snazzy wheels and all of the neighbourhood kids lined up to be the first to go for a ride in it.

1955 Chev Belair 2 dr hardtop
1955 Chev Belair 2 dr hardtop

This white ’55 Chev is my step-dad’s. It didn’t look anywhere near this good when he first bought it but over the years, he worked away lovingly restoring it, has taken it to a number os shows and has the trophies, plaques and other prizes it’s won.

1957 Hudson Metropolitan
1957 Hudson Metropolitan

Of all the cars there, I would hazard to guess this little Hudson Metropolitan travelled the greatest distance – Elliott Lake to Brockville.

1958 Buick Century
1958 Pontiac Parisienne

The first car I remember my mum and dad having was a 1958 Pontiac Pathfinder that was yellow and white. I remember sitting on my father’s lap driving this boat on one of the back roads when I was three or four years old. Years later when he had a body job done on it, he had it painted red and white.

Modified Volkwagen Beetle

Nothing like the VW Beetle I had when I got married. Mine was a 1970, pale yellow with a semi-automatic transmission. Had to shift like a standard but there was no clutch. It was a fun little car to drive.

Well there you have it in a nutshell … a bit about me, a bit about some great looking cars … and a bit about Brockville.

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