Alarm dog and his strange tastes

I came downstairs this morning and my box of Puffs with lotion was on the floor by the alarm dog’s bed. The box had been chewed, a good number of the tissues pulled out and chewed and still more just pulled out.

Now, a box of Puffs with lotion has sat on my computer desk for ages and he’s never bothered with it. Maybe is was the pictures of penguins on it? I buy them in bulk and this was the last box in the previous lot (8 boxes per package) from Costco.

So I don’t know if he’s acquiring some rather strange tastes when it comes to what he wants to eat or if I did something to piss him off last night and that was his revenge.

If he can get the box of Puffs now… he’s a better dog than I figured. It’s up on top of a CD rack on the top of the hutch. I have to stretch to reach it! I dare him to get them now…

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