Motivation… or should I say lack of

Motivation, where did you go? Are you under the desk? Snoozing upstairs? Where are you? I’m not sure if it’s because the end of the month is quickly approaching and I have so many things I want to have done for the conference or what, but working on The Anniversary isn’t what I want to be doing.

I need a kick in the butt or something to get me back on track.


One thought on “Motivation… or should I say lack of”

  1. I hear you.. going through the same thing with the novel I started two months ago.
    Another point SK made was not to leave it sit very long. It gets easier and easier to let it lay fallow. Write, write and write some more, even if you jump around.
    And yes, I’m taking my own advice. Sat and re-read everything yesterday and wrote 1000 words.

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