Timing is Everything…

I bought Stuart MacBride’s first and sixth novels (Cold Granite and Dark Blood) bundled together at Costco about a month ago. I’ve since purchased his second novel (Dying Light) and his other two currently out are on my wish list at amazon.ca. On the reading front, I’m well into Dying Light and enjoying every word of it.

I’ve ordered books from Amazon.co.uk on occasion and get recommendations from them on an ongoing basis. Well, this morning I received their current recommendations and if it wasn’t the full set of Stuart MacBride books and there’s a seventh one (hardcover) available for pre-order!

I wish there would have been someone at home when the e-mail came in to share the irony of it all with. I did forward the e-mail to my girlfriend with the same subject as this post. So far I’ve not heard back from her. Maybe she’s still rolling about on the floor in fits of laughter?

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