Summery weather…

Where did spring go? We seem to have jumped straight from winter to summer. I’m not complaining. I’m rather enjoying this warm sunny weather.

I should be writing but am having a hard time getting my mind to settle on the task at hand. How can I be expected to sit in doors in front of the computer when I could be sitting outside catching some rays!

I do have a network connection so I can take my laptop outdoors but, I can’t see the screen! So should I decide to write whilst outside, it will have to be the ‘olde-fashioned’ mode of writing – pen/pencil and paper.

Now… A Narrow Escape… the prompt for this month.  Maybe I can come up with something for it when I go back outside.

One thought on “Summery weather…”

  1. Nice to see your blog up and running. I wish you much success with it. I too am having a difficult time concentrating on work.. spring has been such a long time coming.
    Now get to work on ‘A Narrow Escape’. I look forward to reading it. I think I’ll go post my contribution under my Ramblings.
    Ta for now, friend.

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