A Narrow Escape

The warm, sunny weather had finally arrived. After an extremely harsh winter, people flocked to the creek and waterfalls to enjoy the summer-like weather. The preferred route was along the paths that lined the banks. The foolhardy chose the route of the railway line. From the trestle, the mist from the falls would kiss your face when the wind blew in the right direction.

A young couple walked the rails holding hands. The trestle’s heavy beams were close enough together that they would be able to traverse it without falling through but the rushing water below could be seen through the gaps. Halfway across, they stopped and moved to the railing. While they enjoyed the mist, the trestle began to rumble.

The tracks curved on either side of the creek so until the train was visible, there was no way of knowing which direction it was coming from! Regardless, they had about a hundred meters to escape the train. Once the direction was known, was there enough time to get off the trestle and away from the tracks?

The train’s whistle blared. The sound echoed making it impossible to determine where the train was. It wasn’t until the couple caught a glimpse of the headlight that they knew which way to run – and run they did! Faster than they ever thought they could. At the end of the trestle, they jumped and rolled down the embankment just as the train thundered past above them.

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  1. I agree, I look forward to reading more of the Narrow Escape…take pen and paper outside (and eraser)

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