It was twenty years ago today…

And no it’s nothing to do with Sgt Pepper teaching the band to play.

It was twenty years ago today (on this date is more accurate), I first set foot on Scottish soil. I had wanted to do this for quite some time but it never seemed to be even the remotest possibility. But, this year I had an extra year’s holiday leave from my job so it was “I’m doing it.”

We weren’t in a position for the entire family to go on this adventure so my hubby stayed home with our two young children and off I went.

There were a lot of firsts on this trip.

  • First time flying. Yup, my first time and I’m going on my own and crossing the ocean. I’ve never done anything by halves before, so why start at that point in my life?
  • First time in Scotland.
  • First time meeting family that I knew of but had only written to (and not email) and exchanged Christmas cards with.
  • First trip to the orphanage where my father and four of his siblings were raised.
  • First time seeing where he was born and staying at Earlsfield Farm.
  • Maybe most importantly of all, first time driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car and shifting gears with the wrong hand.

See what I mean about a lot of firsts?

Cottage 1 Quarriers Village - Broadfield Home
My father and his brothers, George and Andy, stayed here in Broadfield Home (Cottage 1).
Cottage 13 - Quarriers Village
My father’s sisters, Barbara and Christina, stayed here in Cottage 13

When I first drove by the signpost for Weets on my way to Earlsfield Farm just outside Kennethmont, I got all weepy. Weets was where my father was born.

The road to Weets
Scenery near Kennethmont

From the first time I clapped eyes on this spooky old hulk, I fell in love with it. I bet those old stone walls are filled with stories and maybe even a ghost or two. What do you think?

The ruins of Wardhouse mansion.

So that’s my twenty years ago adventure. Being on my own, I spent all my time behind the camera, and to this day I’m still more comfortable on that side.

What were some of your “huge” firsts? I’d love to hear about them.


4 thoughts on “It was twenty years ago today…”

  1. Wow !! Very nice and touching blog Melanie !! Great that you kept track of the date of 20 years ago. I totally understand your feelings and attachement to Scotland. Your father must be feeling proud to see his value passing on to your responsible hands. Very nice Melanie !! Keep the good work going !!!We are proud of you !!

  2. Wow! You said you had a ’20 years anniversary’ coming up, and what a glorious and poignant one it is. Thank you for sharing. I can see how this has inspired you and your writing. AWESOME!

    You already know most of my firsts, LOL, so I won’t bore you to tears here, but I agree with you, setting foot in England for the first time was a strangely magical experience, like coming home. X 🙂 Great feature, thank you!

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