#AtoZChallenge – Q is for Quadratic Equation

Quadratic Equation

This algebra function struck fear into the hearts of many a high school math student. I don’t recall having to solve quadratic equations below grade 9, but from that year through grade 12 there was always a segment in the math curriculum for the study of these.

quadratic equation
By Jennifer Ledwith [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Even though, once I got the knack and found quadratic equations easy to solve, I still hated them.

What memories of high school math set your teeth on edge?

3 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge – Q is for Quadratic Equation”

  1. You know, I got the highest score in my calculus class senior year of high school, I was probably the only theater major taking calculus my freshman year of college… and I could not tell you a single thing about calculus now. I think “derivative” was a thing…

  2. LOL! Love your comment. My husband is a math junkie so loves this kind of stuff. He, too, studied calculus in high school.

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