Paparazzi Pair

The Paparazzi Pair are on the trail of a late-breaking story. Able Cane - Paparazzi PairAble Cane coming to you live from Pearson International Airport where world-famous author, Melanie Robertson-King and her husband, have just passed through security and are now working their way to their departure gate. I’ll see if I can catch up with them and get a word, or a hint as to their destination. Melanie isn’t moving too quickly – as you’ve heard she was injured in a mishap in her home about two weeks ago. I nudge my companion, Roxie Rebel, the photographic genius behind a number of the pictures you see in all the big tabloids.

Roxie Rebel - Paparazzi PairWe move swiftly to the check-point only to be thwarted by a burly security guard. Damn! I so wanted to get a word. Thankfully Roxie has her biggest telephoto lens on her camera and she starts shooting, holding the camera high in the air.

Oh dear, we have to run…

Let me catch my breath. *huff and puffing* That was too close. We’ll have to try a different approach to find out where Melanie is jetting off to. Never fear, the Paparazzi Pair will track her down wherever she is.

Tune in again…

Where do you think Melanie and her husband are going? Leave your guesses in the comments below.






2 thoughts on “Paparazzi Pair”

  1. on an airplane…it won’t be north, so we’ve narrowed it to east, west or south. Waiting for the next hint.

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