Sarah’s Gift – my first novel

Sarah’s Gift started out as a short story, written not long after I discovered Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series. A good friend and co-worker told me I could write something just as good – so I tried. A few years later, while taking a Creative Writing course, I was encouraged by my instructor to write a novel. I believe his exact words were “you could write a cracker.”

Since then, Sarah’s Gift was first entered in the 2007 Dundee International Book Prize. After it was over and there was no success there, I tried marketing it to various publishers. I’ve sent it to Avon Romance, Oak Tree Press, New Concepts Publishing (they asked for the entire manuscript), Annick Press, Lilley Press – all with the same result – rejection. Currently, an electronic copy of my manuscript is with Drollerie Press.

Somewhere out there, there is a publisher that’s the perfect match for me.

4 thoughts on “Sarah’s Gift – my first novel”

  1. And very short-sighted of those publishers too. I have been lucky enough to read and hear two chapters of this novel, and it is remarkable. Melanie is an awesome writer. She is also right, there is the perfect match in a publisher, out there somewhere. Just to find them, hmmm……
    Keep going Melanie, live your dream!

  2. My advice to you is run do not walk from New Concepts Publishing. They’re seriously messed up. Good luck on becoming published though!

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