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My Writing Resolutions(?) for 2011

I’m not sure if I would refer to them as resolutions but I have an idea what I want to accomplish this year as far as my writing goes.

1. Learn as much as possible about the craft so I can perfect and sell my novel(s). To that end, I’m registered for a number of workshops and seminars this year beginning later this month.

2. Finish the current draft of my YA manuscript and send it out to publishers.

3. Write every day… whether it’s revisions, new material or even on my blog, get words onto “paper”. This one will be the most difficult since I work full time but it’s not an impossible goal.

Not resolutions as such but goals sounds better. More achieveable, not as daunting and if things don’t go according to plan, I won’t feel so much a failure for not sticking to them.

Homework completed

The homework assignment I mentioned in my previous post is completed and e-mailed off to the teacher to prove it’s done. I’m binding the graduation booklets for the sixteen Grade 8 grads over the weekend so will insert my letter into the grandson’s at that time.


I have a homework assignment that need to be done by tomorrow. I’ve got it started but it’s not the easiest thing to write… and me a writer.

It’s part of my grandson’s graduation assignment. He has to do all but one segment. That’s where we come in. We have to write about why this person is special to us. I do have it started so that’s something. What can I say, I work best under pressure.

Breaking Loose – this month’s flash fiction prompt

Last month was A Narrow Escape. This month is Breaking Loose.  Here is my draft…

Anne woke suddenly; her skin cold and clammy. When she tried to move, she realized that her hands were bound behind her back and her feet tied together. Even though her eyes were open, there was nothing but darkness, yet she felt like she was being watched.

How did she arrive in this dank place? She realized the reason she couldn’t see was because she had been blindfolded. Had she been drugged? Had she been sexually assaulted by the face that watched her in the darkness?

When the feeling of being watched subsided, Anne rubbed her head up and down over the surface she lay on. Eventually, the blindfold slid upwards. Painfully, she forced her arms down so that her bindings were just below her ass and wiggled until her arms were under her legs as far forward as she could move them. Slowly, she drew her legs up tight to her chest.

Once in that position, Anne pointed her toes and aimed them to the gap between her ass and her bindings. It hurt like bloody hell! Her wrists hurt from the ropes cutting in to them, their roughness drawing blood.

Her captor returned and she had to remain still or keep her struggles discreet. Anne continued to work on freeing herself but not with the vigor she previously displayed.

Her bloodied legs now free, blindfold off and her bound hands in front of her and clenched together, she swung with all her might and knocked her captor to the floor.

A Narrow Escape

The warm, sunny weather had finally arrived. After an extremely harsh winter, people flocked to the creek and waterfalls to enjoy the summer-like weather. The preferred route was along the paths that lined the banks. The foolhardy chose the route of the railway line. From the trestle, the mist from the falls would kiss your face when the wind blew in the right direction.

A young couple walked the rails holding hands. The trestle’s heavy beams were close enough together that they would be able to traverse it without falling through but the rushing water below could be seen through the gaps. Halfway across, they stopped and moved to the railing. While they enjoyed the mist, the trestle began to rumble.

The tracks curved on either side of the creek so until the train was visible, there was no way of knowing which direction it was coming from! Regardless, they had about a hundred meters to escape the train. Once the direction was known, was there enough time to get off the trestle and away from the tracks?

The train’s whistle blared. The sound echoed making it impossible to determine where the train was. It wasn’t until the couple caught a glimpse of the headlight that they knew which way to run – and run they did! Faster than they ever thought they could. At the end of the trestle, they jumped and rolled down the embankment just as the train thundered past above them.