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It’s more the principle than the damage…

Feeling a bit grumpy here at the House of King today. Whilst hubby was out filling up my car (in case the price of petrol spiked as it usually does in these parts on a Tuesday), his car that is parked in this spot during the day to ensure the one side of our driveway doesn’t get parked across, got clipped.
front fender damageYou can see the beginning of the damage above the wheel and it progresses to the front bumper. Luckily, the headlight doesn’t appear to be damaged but that remains to be seen.
front fender damage 2I thought I heard something outside that sounded like scraping metal or even someone trying to move a small trailer into place. I got up and saw a vehicle pulling into the driveway next door. Not knowing the circumstances, when hubby returned, I suggested he might want to go out and have a look at the left, front fender of his car. Being on holidays, I was still in my bed-night clothes, so I wasn’t about to go out.

This is the oldest car in the family – a 2006 Chev Cobalt and until today remained in pristine condition.

In the end, I slipped a pair of trainers on and went outside with hubby’s phone (as luck would have it, mine was on the charger and my cameras were upstairs) and took the two pictures above. While the damage appears to be cosmetic only, it’s the principle of the whole thing that burns my butt more than anything else.

At least no one was injured, the police were notified. We called them, too, to report the incident to ensure that the driver of the vehicle that clipped the car had done and we have an accident report (such as it is) so we can move on.

Tomorrow the car goes to a body shop and the adjuster will come and look at it there. If he says go ahead, then the work will progress. If not, we have the final say and like it or not the insurance company will have to pay.

The body shop we’ve chosen has done work for us on previous occasions and have gone beyond the call of duty but our insurance company doesn’t use them. You know who we want in our corner doing the work.

As they say, “news at eleven”.