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PROMISES TO KEEP by Patricia Sands

Promises to KeepBlurb:

After falling in love in the south of France, Katherine’s future seemed full of promise. Christmas in Provence would be magic. Until the note appeared … and a secret threatened to destroy everything …



Falling in love with the south of France was no surprise to Katherine. Choosing to walk away from her past and start over was completely unexpected. A new country, a new lover, and the promise of a bright future beginning in mid-life … who knew?

Now there were the exciting dreams of restoring the property on the Cap, of beginning a new career, of experiencing the traditions of Christmas in Provence, of falling even more deeply in love with the man who inspired these hopes.

It was all so perfect, until it wasn’t. The anonymous note left on the windshield was just the beginning.

Katherine had embraced new possibilities in life and given her heart only to discover something was being kept from her. Something terrible from her lover’s past. Something that could destroy everything.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, had become her mantra. Would it be enough?


My review of Promises to Keep:

☆☆☆☆☆ After reading the first book in the Love in Provence series, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. I had to find out more about Katherine and Philippe.

Patricia didn’t disappoint. She drew me into the story immediately and kept me hooked until the very end. The vivid descriptions of the locations were breathtaking. Except for Paris, I’ve never been to France yet, I could see every street, house and shop as if I was there.

I can’t wait for the third book in this series! Well done, Patricia. Another winner.


Please tell us a little about your books and favorite locales.

Promises to KeepMy stories are full of hope and enticing locations. I’m a travel junkie and a photographer so settings are an important part of my novels. Some readers say my stories are “the best trip I took without leaving home.” Sharing my love of travel through settings makes writing all the more rewarding for me!

The Bridge Club is very Canadian with settings ranging from the peaceful Eastern Townships of Quebec to cottage country in Muskoka to spectacular Whistler, British Columbia.

The Promise of Provence is set in Toronto, Paris, the countryside of Provence, and the French Riviera. A 55-year-old woman is suddenly on her own and steps out of her comfort zone in hopes of rediscovering her joie de vivre on a home exchange in Provence. It’s a coming of age in mid-life … at a time when some people feel they might be too old to change. There’s that message again: it’s never too late to start something new.

The Promise of Provence, the first book in the Love in Provence series, is a must-read for anyone who loves the south of France. I have been traveling there since I first fell in love with the country as a young backpacker in 1967 and this novel is partly my love letter to France.

Since my readers let me know they love stories set in France and I spend part of each year in France (often through home exchange, by the way), it will be a pleasure to continue writing about that part of the world.

In fact, I had overwhelming response from readers asking for a sequel, so my third novel and the next book in the Love in Provence series is Promises to Keep, which is set on the Côte d’Azur.


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