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Family Photos

We all have them – new ones, old ones, colour ones, black and white ones. Maybe in albums, maybe in boxes, maybe both.

Recently, while looking for two or three specific photos for another blog post (which I did find), I came across this one of my parents and thought why not scan it at the same time?

My parents

This square photo had a white border around it, albeit yellowed but there was no date stamped on it. Back in the day, when they came back from the lab after processing pictures almost always had the three letter abbreviation for the month and the last two digits of the year stamped on the border – usually on the side.

My guess is this one was taken in the 1950s possibly before 1956.

My parents

My Epson scanner has a colour restoration feature. Click the box before or after you do the scan and you can see the difference on the computer screen.

I don’t always like using this feature. I think an ‘aged’ photograph has more character. But in this case, I thought it was worth saving both versions of the photo. In the lower picture, my mum’s suit is bluer and my dad’s shirt is whiter.

What do you think? Colour restore your yellowed photos when you scan them or leave them be?



What a beautiful way to start out the month of May

After the long, cold and snowy winter we had, it was wonderful to be able to tear another leaf off the calendar – May 1st. The temperatures were in the mid 20s Celsius which meant a body didn’t need to wear a coat although the morning did start out on the cool side.

When I go to work, I always take the motorway but when I come back home, I drive the road that runs along the river. It makes for a gorgeous drive in good weather. Last night was no exception. The river was like glass, it was so calm. It begged to be photographed. And so I did.

About halfway between home and work, is a village where there is a place to pull off the road and enjoy the scenery. It’s also where they fill up the volunteer fire department tankers. Still, you can work around the pipes that go into the water for that.

down river
Looking down river towards Montreal
up river
Looking up river towards Lake Ontario

There is only one thing that would have made these photographs even more perfect than they already are – having one of the huge lake freighters passing by… although I have a better location in mind to capture that. One where it looks like the ships are close enough you can reach out and touch them. Here’s hoping I can capture that image soon.