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Virtual Book Tour – Lin Treadgold’s Goodbye Henrietta Street

Goodbye Henrietta StreetGoodbye Henrietta Street

Pippa Lambton’s life has fallen apart and husband Rob is ready to give up their marriage. Three years before, their son Daniel passed away, he was the glue that held them together.

Pippa leaves home for the beautiful Isles of Scilly, a chance to rediscover herself.  She meets handsome Norwegian, Sven Jorgensen. Nature warden, Sven, teaches Pippa about the island wildlife.

Spending time with Sven, Pippa finds herself laughing again. She is aware of Rob’s dilemma over his childhood adoption and their turbulent relationship, but after an awkward kiss with Sven, she is torn about how to proceed.  There is much to resolve and  leaving Rob could prove a disaster. Is her affair with Sven a holiday fling?  How can she leave Rob after losing Daniel?

Sven helps Pippa plan to leave her home in Henrietta Street in Whitby, Yorkshire, and live with him on the islands.  She leaves Sven behind on the trust they will see each other again soon. Arriving home, all is not what it seems. Has Rob been entirely truthful? After inheriting a fortune will Pippa want to stay with him?

During Pippa’s absence Sven receives a note to meet Astrid, his ‘ex’ from five years before.  She is on holiday. Astrid has a confession and Sven is left feeling emotionally blackmailed.  But will Pippa manage to get away from Rob?  And what is the secret from his past that Sven has learned from Astrid?  Sven is left wondering if he will ever see Pippa again.


I think I had better introduce myself. Sven Jørgensen. I originally came from Norway, but I live here now.’
She took his hand; his grip felt genuine and welcoming. Norway, eh? Gosh, he’s so suntanned. He must spend hours on these boats every day.
‘I’m Pippa Lambton, I live in the north-east of England. How long have you been living in Scilly?’
‘Oh, it must be, erm … almost six years now. I work for the new Scilly Environmental Trust and generally make a nuisance of myself. I’m actually an ornithologist. If you are interested in birds, then I’m your man!’
Pippa giggled to herself. His long blonde hair and suntan made her wonder whose man he really was. How silly, she hadn’t realised he was the main tour guide for the islands. She was only trying to cheer herself up. He must have thought she was some dizzy woman on holiday trying to make out she was a proper birdwatcher. Still, he seemed helpful, which was something she needed right now.
‘Listen, erm,’ He scratched the side of his nose. ‘There’s a slide show tomorrow night in the church hall—perhaps you can come? You will learn a lot about the history of the islands and the birdlife. Bring your family and friends.’
Pippa replied immediately. ‘Okay, sounds like a great idea. Although I don’t have anyone I can bring; I’m here on my own, but I will be there. Promise.’
‘Oh I see, well,’ he hesitated for a moment.
Before he could finish his sentence, Pippa remarked. ‘I’m just taking a break from life, the universe and everything. You know how it is, just a spot of respite.’
‘Respite?’ echoed Sven.
‘Oh yeah, well, that’s another story for another time, eh?’ Annoyed with herself for hinting she had a problem, she moved on. ‘I’ve been to Scilly before, on a day trip. I enjoyed the atmosphere here so much, I’ve come back for a longer stay.’
She didn’t know why she mentioned this. She so much wanted to feel less pain in her daily life, but referring to her tragedy during her holiday might spoil things. She often couldn’t help herself, a habit she would have to curb. If only she could stop being in eternal grief! Would it always be this way? The short answer was: yes.
‘Give me a second. Are you walking back into town?’ asked Sven.
Pippa nodded. ‘Yep.’
‘Let’s go back to the boat. Just got to pick up a few things, and then I’ll walk up that way with you.’
Pippa followed him as he carried on with the conversation.
‘I’m pleased you came; it’s a great place to learn.’ He looked down at Don in the boat. ‘Mate, pass me my bins and ’scope, can you?’
Don obeyed, giving Pippa a sideways glance. ‘Watch ’im, young lady, he has an eye for all the young girls.’
‘Thanks, Don.’ Sven grinned and ignored the comment.
Pippa chuckled at his apparent shyness. She liked the way he spoke, his Norwegian accent, his politeness, and his gentle way of talking to her. He had well-cared-for teeth beneath a kind smile. He would be a useful person to get to know for all the information she needed about the wildlife tours.

About the Author
Lin_Treadgold_new_picLin Treadgold was born in Yorkshire and attended private education. After travelling the world and visiting over thirty countries, she took the opportunity to become a writer and
nature conservationist. She has always wanted to write a novel; moving to Holland gave her the opportunity to fulfill a dream. Lin is a member of the Romantic Novelists’
Association and organises workshop events for new writers.

More About Goodbye Henrietta Street

Key Selling Points

• A romantic saga based on the Isles of Scilly and in Yorkshire, with deep character development.
• The book appeals to tourist of the Isles of Scilly as well as locals to Whitby, Yorkshire and anybody aware of nature and The Wildlife Trust.
• Story includes environmental issues such as oil spills from passing tankers in the wild Atlantic Ocean; the islands’ vulnerability due to the weather, storms and fear of losing rare plants; birds being affected by disasters, overfishing and human carelessness.
• Tourists on holiday can follow Sven and Pippa’s romance through the islands’ landmarks.

Target Market

An easy read for summer days for people to think again about the way we treat nature. Life is so fragile which the story shows through the lives of characters. Written for anyone who loves romance and enjoys immersing themselves in a summer read.

Product Specifications

PRICE: GBP 7.99 USD 12.99 EUR 9.99
PRODUCT FORM: B&W Perfect soft cover
ISBN: 978-1-908208-14-9
FORMAT/EXTENT: 216×140 mm/ 250 pp
MARKET: Worldwide
IMPRINT: Safkhet Soul

About the Publisher

Safkhet Soul, our books for the soul, was launched on Valentine’s Day 2012. Bringing fresh, funny and fabulous stories, Safkhet Soul will paint a smile on the face of every
reader. Safkhet Soul also showcases the stories that touch a place in your heart.

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