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BUSTED! Roxie Rebel’s last post from Vieux-Québec … for now

Roxie RebelHi Able! Roxie here with an update on the Melanie Robertson-King assignment. So this morning, I tailed the world-famous author, from her hotel to the jaja restaurant in theHôtel Le Concorde Quebec.

My patience was rewarded. As I rounded the corner onto Wilfred-Laurier Avenue, I spotted her heading to a seat near the window. And what luck! She took the one looking outside. I crept around, and hid behind the planters and set up.

Well, just as I was focusing in on my subject, the worst possible thing happened.

I raised my camera to get a snapshot of my quarry, and a burly, security guard grabbed me by the arm. Luckily, I managed to get a photo, albeit on a bit of an angle, and upload it to the cloud before he had the nerve to confiscate my camera.


able caneRoxie, Roxie, Roxie. How many times do I have to remind you? You can’t get caught when you’re on assignment.

I know, Able. I’m sorry. But I got the job done. You can’t fault me for that.

No, you’re right.

And the best thing is, the police weren’t involved. The security guy took pity on me and didn’t call. Told me, too, if I behave myself these next few days, after he’s had a chance to look at the pictures on my SD card and eliminate them, I’ll get my camera back! Wheeeee!

Focus, girl. Focus. The assignment isn’t over.

Aw, I was hoping to get a chance to poke around on my own without chasing anyone.

You do this one last thing, and you’ll get your well-deserved break.

What’s that?

See if you can find out where Melanie is going next and when so we can plan.

You got it, boss. Roxie Rebel won’t let you down.





ROXIE REBEL on assignment in Vieux-Québec

Roxie RebelHi fans, Roxie Rebel coming to you from Vieux-Québec where I’m tracking world-famous author, Melanie Robertson-King.

I caught up with her this morning on Avenue Cartier. Look at the funky street light shades!
roxie rebel

You can see two more in the photo below. able cane What’s that Able? I know I’m supposed to be tracking Melanie, and that’s what I’m doing. Honestly, you think I’d never completed an assignment like this before.

roxie rebel

After that, I tracked her to Saint Matthew Anglican Cemetery on Rue Saint-Jean. The weird thing about Melanie is she likes to prowl through cemeteries. Especially old ones.

roxie rebel

She back-tracked a bit on me between the cemetery and the next photo. Glad we were going down these steps and not up. Yikes!

roxie rebel

See what I mean about the steps?

After I captured her here, she slipped across the street into an enormous toy store. The place is called benjo. Talk about toy heaven! You name it; they had it. Even a full-sized copy of Number 5 from the movie Short Circuit.

roxie rebel

You have to send me back here, Able. I want to spend more time in the store.

Roxie Rebel signing off for today.


Paparazzi Pair ~ NEWS FLASH ~ Coming to you live from Vieux-Québec

able caneAble Cane, one half of the paparazzi pair, here with a late-breaking news flash. World-famous author (WFA), Melanie Robertson-King is in Vieux-Québec.

It’s a well-known fact she’s been travelling promoting her books since we tracked her down in Paris back in 2014. Since then, she’s been below the radar, doing an excellent job of evading us, but back home in her native Canada, we found her.

Roxie Rebel, can you shed any light on things for us?

Roxie RebelYes, Able. I was travelling to another assignment in Vieux-Québec when I spotted her car in a gas station/restaurant parking lot. Her personalized licence plate is a dead giveaway.

You know how stealthy I can be. I followed Melanie from where I first found her to her hotel on Grande Allée not more than a five-minute walk from the wall surrounding the old city.

I watched from the other side of the street as they unloaded their vehicle and snapped this wee guy while they were otherwise occupied.

paparazzi pair

Is that her guard dog, Roxie?

Don’t know, Able, but he is kind of cute. Anyway, I found a place to hide my car and got comfortable on one of the outdoor patios where I could watch.

My patience was rewarded. I caught the WFA coming out of her hotel.

paparazzi pair

Melanie is there promoting her latest novella, It Happened on Dufferin Terrace, set in this beautiful, historic Canadian city.

Can you tell us more, Roxie?

Absolutely, Able. I followed Melanie to Dufferin Terrace and caught her here looking out over the river.

Unfortunately, my shadow is in it, but at that time of day, there isn’t much I can do about it. Besides, the humidity is oppressive. I might turn into a puddle.

Melanie managed to escape the heat for a few minutes. I caught her coming out of the micro-climate booth on Dufferin Terrace. A preview, if you will, of the things to do in and around the city in the dead of winter. Set to a constant -10C, this booth is a refreshing break from the feels like +40C or higher outside.

paparazzi pair

She doesn’t know it, but I snuck this picture while she was sitting on the simulated bed at the “ice hotel.”

paparazzi pair

More to come. This intrepid photographer needs to find a place to cool off.

Thanks so much, Roxie, for this update. You get rested, and we’ll check in with you again tomorrow.

This is Able Cane signing off.