ROXIE REBEL on assignment in Vieux-Québec

Roxie RebelHi fans, Roxie Rebel coming to you from Vieux-Québec where I’m tracking world-famous author, Melanie Robertson-King.

I caught up with her this morning on Avenue Cartier. Look at the funky street light shades!
roxie rebel

You can see two more in the photo below. able cane What’s that Able? I know I’m supposed to be tracking Melanie, and that’s what I’m doing. Honestly, you think I’d never completed an assignment like this before.

roxie rebel

After that, I tracked her to Saint Matthew Anglican Cemetery on Rue Saint-Jean. The weird thing about Melanie is she likes to prowl through cemeteries. Especially old ones.

roxie rebel

She back-tracked a bit on me between the cemetery and the next photo. Glad we were going down these steps and not up. Yikes!

roxie rebel

See what I mean about the steps?

After I captured her here, she slipped across the street into an enormous toy store. The place is called benjo. Talk about toy heaven! You name it; they had it. Even a full-sized copy of Number 5 from the movie Short Circuit.

roxie rebel

You have to send me back here, Able. I want to spend more time in the store.

Roxie Rebel signing off for today.


8 thoughts on “ROXIE REBEL on assignment in Vieux-Québec”

  1. Dear Melanie,
    Roxie Rebel loves following you around and snapping great photos. I’d like for her to sneak around and get face views every once in a while.

    I enjoy learning about places through your eyes and the eyes of your paparozzi!

    I look forward to your next encounter.

    Never Give Up

  2. I’ll pass that information along to her, Joan. She usually does lurk in the shadows. I recall seeing her peering in the restaurant window one morning. Maybe she got a face-on shot then. LOL!

  3. Psst, Joan… tomorrow is the day. And after that, I’ll have one more Searching for Serenity post.

    I’m so glad you enjoy my writing. You make me blush.

  4. Thank you. Carl and I are very safe here in Pineville, NC. Still raining here but winds have calmed. The coastal areas have been hit hard…especially New Bern, NC flooding of the river due to the torrential rain.

    People from Canada have come down to help restore Power to areas without power (thank you to all) which are in the hundred thousands. All of North Carolina and South Carolina are inundated with rain.

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