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June 26, 2020 ~ Take Your Dog to Work Day!

If it’s June 26, 2020, it must take your dog to work day!

Under ‘normal’ circumstances on a Friday, I would be working from home.  Since we went under lock-down in my area in late March, things have been far from the norm.

This year the last Friday in June, which falls on June 26, I’ve booked the day off as a vacation day (I have my doubts I’ll use all of my allotted vacation time before the end of the year). However; I’ll still be working in a sense.

This afternoon, I’m doing a reading from one of my adult (not that kind of adult material for you people with dirty minds – and even if it were, I would choose a PG13 rated passage) novels for Seniors Centre Without Walls. Best of all, the only requirement is I have a phone. A conference call is the order of the day. I like that even better.

So what does this have to do with taking your dog to work today? Well, nothing really, except I am taking my sweet Buddy with me when I do the reading. He can sit in my lap whilst I read and answer questions. At least I hope there are questions from the virtual audience.

Here’s my sweet boy. He travels well – doesn’t trash hotel rooms, bark a lot or have accidents indoors – home or away. This picture was taken at St. Hubert in Quebec City.

On days I’m working from home, he’s usually in the kitchen with me. Sometimes he wears my phone headset but as cute as he is, he’s rubbish at taking my calls.

My Buddy even has his own book. Well, in that I wrote it and he and his four fantastic furry friends star in it.

Here he is on a work at home day.

June 26


Another 5-star review for All Aboard the Canadian with Buddy and his Four Fantastic Furry Friends!

Another 5-star review!

another 5-star review

So thrilled that All Aboard the Canadian with Buddy and his four Fantastic Furry Friends! has received another 5-star review!

The illustrated book geared for children revolves around an unusual set of friendships.


Can five completely different animals become friends?

Meet two dogs who befriend a moose on the train from Vancouver to Toronto. Along the way, a black bear and a grizzly join them.

Will the group overcome their differences and discover that deep down they’re all the same?


All Aboard the Canadian with Buddy and his Four Fantastic Furry Friends! by Melanie Robertson-King, is a wonderfully written children’s book about getting along with others, even if they’re different from each other. As an animal lover and someone born with a difference, I enjoyed reading about the friendships that developed amongst these four different kinds of animals. They were able to overlook their outside differences to see their similarities inside, where it counts. This is an important concept for children to learn —it’s what’s inside that matters. I highly recommend this book for parents to read to their children as a precursor to discussing the importance of acceptance of those who do not necessarily fit the norm. Plus it’s just a fun story! Shawn Simon 

Buy Links

All Aboard the Canadian with Buddy and his Four Fantastic Furry Friends! is now available for the kindle and for the kobo.

If you’re interested in obtaining a print copy, email me for details at

In these uncertain times, stay safe and healthy.


If it’s February 9th, it’s Read in the Bathtub Day!

Happy Read in the Bathtub Day!

Read in the Bathtub Day!

There’s nothing like a long, leisurely soak in a hot bath. Add bubbles, a book and something to drink, perhaps a glass of wine, or maybe a cup of cocoa, and it becomes heavenly. Read in the Bathtub Day is the perfect occasion to take part in this relaxing past time. So what if you spend so much time in the tub, your toes end up shrivelled like prunes? It’s the reading in the bath that counts.

Reading in the bathtub works much better if you have more than one bathroom. I mean, you don’t want people pounding on the door to get in. You want to be able to relax and spend as much time as you wish, soaking up the hot water and bubbles, and the prose you’ve chosen as your reading material.

To properly enjoy Read in the Bathtub Day, you should have a caddy for your tub. After all, you don’t want to drop your tablet, or heaven forbid, a physical book in the water.

Read in the Bathtub Day!

These caddies come in all shapes and sizes – in bamboo, teak, stainless steel and more. Some are fancier than others like the one above, which also has a place for a wine glass.

So why not buy yourself a book (preferably one of mine), run a bubble bath and pour yourself a glass of wine (or your tipple of choice) and escape for some self-indulgence.

Not sure which of my titles you fancy? Click on any of the images in the sidebar and you’ll be taken to your amazon store where you can read the decription and, if you so choose, purchase the book.

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. 🙂