Rainy Saturday

I was hoping this past Wednesday to have the write-up from my Grenville Historical Society presentation on Home Children gracing the pages of the local weekly newspaper in the community where I spoke. It wasn’t to be. The municipal elections took priority and I was bumped. How rude is that? So now I have to wait until next Wednesday to see if I made that edition.

It’s cold and rainy and miserable today and by all accounts is going to be the same tomorrow. If that’s the case, there shouldn’t be too many little dears out trick-or-treating. Suits me just fine. The dog has a cow everytime someone comes to the door and it’s worse if he’s shut in the kitchen. However, my skeleton family – Boner, Bride and Betsy will come out of the “closet” (shed actually) and take their places in the front lawn along with some headstones, my flying bat aka “Drac”. It’s going to seem a bit strange this year. In previous years, my next door neighbour and I each tried to outdoor the other when it came to decorating… she’s not here this year.

Oh well, I’ve got a good idea in mind that is sure to scare the kids… or at least make them remember my house.

Will try to remember to put pictures up here tomorrow after everyone is set up…