Book Review – When Tomorrow Comes by Audrey Hawkins writing as Joanna Lambert

First off I have to admit I’m a 60s junkie. I love the British TV programs Heartbeat and The Royal so the fact that Joanna Lambert’s book takes me back there was a bonus.

When Tomorrow Comes follows Ella Kendrick on her rollercoaster journey from being a young girl to a young woman.

Joanna paints her scenery vividly. The farm where Ella lives with her grandparents in the west of England is brought to life from the old farmhouse to the other buildings on the property. I could see the rural village of Meridan Cross and the nearby town of Abbotsbridge as clearly as if I was standing in the middle of them.

The characters are complex, each with their own problems to deal with. Ella’s grandmother, a loving woman but one who has never come to terms with the fact her daughter walked out. Ella’s mother is a materialist social climber who likes to control everything, including Ella’s career path and who she will marry.

The 60s era was one of change. Fashions went from longer skirts to micro-minis that barely covered your bum. Colours were bright and hair was long, especially on the guys. When titles of songs by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and other bands from back then were mentioned, I remembered them and started humming along. Joanna captured that time wonderfully.

Overall, it was a wonderful read and I’m looking forward to the next two installments of the Behind Blue Eyes trilogy.

When Tomorrow Comes is available at in paperback for £9.99 for for the kindle for £4.54.

For North American customers, you can get When Tomorrow Comes from in paperback for $14.95 USD and for the kindle for $5.95 USD

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