Mindless Vandalism

This morning my husband discovered that the passenger side wing mirror on our son’s car had been broken sometime overnight. The car was parked in the same place it always is, mine was in the driveway and my husband’s on the street on the other side. The “Silver Streak” isn’t looking too pretty. The mirror has been taken off – couldn’t leave it dangling because it would cause further damage to the door. We all figure, but can’t prove it, it was the drunken yobs coming home from a night at the bars downtown. And having a police presence in the downtown core? That’s a joke.

Mirror dangling by the power cable.
Damaged mirror and silver cover plate lying on the sidewalk

Hopefully, the son be able to get a new mirror tomorrow that won’t cost him a small fortune. With the amount of his insurance deductible, it isn’t worth putting a claim through.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day one and all! So my fellow Canucks, what do you have planned for our National Holiday? Perhaps a trip to the capital to catch  glimpse of the Royal couple? A lazy day lounging in the pool? Fireworks? Just a run of the mill day off work so you’ll be mowing the grass or doing laundry or taking the vacuum cleaner for a walk?

This person is going to make a pot of coffee here (currently sans caffeine so the brain isn’t functioning well yet) then as early as possible heading up to the supermarket (yes, it’s open) to do my weekly grocery shop.

After that, who knows but I figure it will be a run of the mill day off.