author Owen Carey Jones launches his novel Rough Cut

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Rough Cut

Rough Cut is an international mystery thriller set in the UK and on the French Riviera. Populated with well drawn characters, it is filled with suspense and intrigue and the many twists and turns introduce the reader to the fascinating world of synthetic diamonds.

When a New York dealer in gemstones discovers a number of top quality synthetic diamonds in a batch he has bought, industry watchdog, the Federation of International Diamond Traders calls in Belizean, Carter Jefferson to trace their origin.

Carter, a synthetic diamond specialist who recently quit working or the FIDT to concentrate on writing but who still works for them on an ad hoc basis, is reluctant to take the case until he finds a reference in the file which takes him back 25 years to the time he was a geology student at Oxford University.

Old relationships are revived and family secrets emerge as an attractive English girl and a passionate young Frenchman are sucked into the web of deceit and death surrounding the illicit gems.


What can I say about Rough Cut other than it was difficult to put down. Owen’s style drew me in immediately and kept me hooked until the very end. His characters are believable and with the exception of the villains, are extremely likeable.

Carter Jefferson, the main character in the book, is a diamond expert and author. His expertise in the gems and previous work with the FDIT leads him back on a freelance basis into the case of synthetic diamonds getting into a shipment of real ones.

A trip to England for a book signing hooks him up with the former love of his life, Nicole. She’s had her share of tragedies since her father forced her to break up with Carter when they studied at Oxford. Her husband was killed in an accident a few short years ago and now, between the time Carter has his signing in London and arrives in the village in Yorkshire, her son is murdered.

As Owen led me through the trail of murder suspects and where the synthetic diamonds were coming from, he kept me guessing who was behind the plot.

I love to curl up with a good crime read and this one definitely fit the bill.