My Kansas Adventure -Day 1

Getting up at 2:30 this morning wasn’t my most favourite thing in the world but i dragged myself out of my cozy bed, reset the alarm for the proper time for Monday morning (even though I won’t be home yet).

So after getting coffee into me and my last minute things packed, we set off for Ottawa and the first leg of the trip. It’s been so long since I flew to the US from Ottawa, that I didn’t realize you Cleared US customs in Canada. No big deal but with the lineup ahead of me, I did wonder if I would get to my “cigar with wings”. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fly but anything I’ve flown on before is a bit wider than one seat on one side of the aisle and two on the other.

The fields below were a patchwork of colours greens, yellows and browns. The trees, still mostly dressed in their summer greens, appeared almost black. Various stands of trees looked almost alien with their formations looking like tendrils reaching out to consume everything around them.

Once I landed in Kansas City, it didn’t seem like anytime had passed at all before Carla’s flight arrived. Mind you, I did walk from the terminal that my flight landed at over to where hers came in.

Car rental sorted and we were off. Paid a wee bit extra for a GPS but since neither one of us has been here before, it seemed the sensible thing to do.

We found the hotel with no problems, met up with Vivian and Jacque, then went out for a bite of lunch, after which Carla and I went on an advance scouting mission to check out tomorrow’s venue. Pictures to follow.

But most important of all, I got to hold a copy of my book in my hands for the first time! What a feeling! The copies that I ordered are in Vivian’s van and will wait until we unload at the festival when we’ll transfer them to the trunk of the rental car. But rest assured, I will be posting a photograph of them in all their glory soon.