My Kansas Adventure -Day 2 Recap

I had a fantastic time at the book festival. I heard later that they had 2000 people there. I don’t know how they tracked it because admission to the event was free.

The best part of all was selling my first book. That felt every bit as good as holding a copy in my hands for the very first time. Then I went on to sell six more! Yippee! I was told I was a natural seller so we’ll see how well that trend continues when I have my launch in Brockville next Saturday.

I’ve got some great photos to share with you when I get home.

Tomorrow Carla and I male our way back to the airport at Kansas City and prepare ourselves for our early Monday morning flights.

This has been a truly unforgettable weekend and it’s not over yet.

It’s launch day for A Shadow in the Past at the Kansas Book Festival!

The hard work of setting up this morning is done and now it’s launch time! The months of sweating through the final revisions, copy edits and proof approval have paid off and I’m holding my baby in my hands. It’s as beautiful as Vivian told me when she first got a copy back from the printer.

So, if you’re in Topeka, drop by the Kansas Museum of History at 6425 SW 6th Avenue. I’d love to see you, not to mention sell and sign you a copy of my book.

My novel’s cover created by Aidana WillowRaven

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My Kansas Adventure -Day 2 Begins

We have to be up, eaten, and into our glad rags and over to the venue before 7:00 this morning. I set our alarm last night before falling asleep sometime between 9:30 and 10:00, but when I woke this morning about 4:30, I decided to stay up.

Today is going to be more exciting than yesterday even. Okay, it will start out with a lot of hard work setting up out booth but then it will be time to sell books. I brought postcards, bookmarks and business cards with me for promotion and hopefully that will generate interest in me and my stuff.

My red shoes will go i my tote bag, but will only come out for a photo op or two when I’m on solid ground. We’re outdoors under tents so the only thing they would be good for in that instance would be aerating the soil.

Well must start getting ready because it’s just after 5:00 and we have to get our skates on. More from Kansas later.