It’s launch day for A Shadow in the Past at the Kansas Book Festival!

The hard work of setting up this morning is done and now it’s launch time! The months of sweating through the final revisions, copy edits and proof approval have paid off and I’m holding my baby in my hands. It’s as beautiful as Vivian told me when she first got a copy back from the printer.

So, if you’re in Topeka, drop by the Kansas Museum of History at 6425 SW 6th Avenue. I’d love to see you, not to mention sell and sign you a copy of my book.

My novel’s cover created by Aidana WillowRaven

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8 thoughts on “It’s launch day for A Shadow in the Past at the Kansas Book Festival!”

  1. Congratulations, Melanie! I hope you are having a wonderful day and I’m looking forward to seeing the ruby slippers!

  2. Hi Melanie, it sounds like things have gone very well. It sounds like a bit of a dream and I guess it is just that…one that has come true! I can’t imagine the feeling when you first held your book in your hands! What an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations and enjoy every single minute!

  3. The feeling of holding my “baby” for the first time was amazing! The onky thing that could possibly top it will be my first sale.

  4. Wish I could have been there… Sorry I’m late to the party, just catching up after turbulent weekend. Off to check out posts 2 and 3 now… congrats!

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