My Kansas Adventure -Day 2 Recap

I had a fantastic time at the book festival. I heard later that they had 2000 people there. I don’t know how they tracked it because admission to the event was free.

The best part of all was selling my first book. That felt every bit as good as holding a copy in my hands for the very first time. Then I went on to sell six more! Yippee! I was told I was a natural seller so we’ll see how well that trend continues when I have my launch in Brockville next Saturday.

I’ve got some great photos to share with you when I get home.

Tomorrow Carla and I male our way back to the airport at Kansas City and prepare ourselves for our early Monday morning flights.

This has been a truly unforgettable weekend and it’s not over yet.

6 thoughts on “My Kansas Adventure -Day 2 Recap”

  1. Hi Melanie, it must seem like your weekend has flown by, and is sounds as if it was as spectacular as we had all hoped it would be for you. I can’t wait to hear more stories about your launch and to see photos.
    I hope your flight goes soothly and that you are able to ferry all you books home to share with your Canadian fans. See you soon.
    Thinking of you!

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