A good day at the Bazaar & Bake Sale

I wasn’t sure what to expect today when we unloaded the car this morning at the Mallorytown Legion. Small village, area artisans and loads of baked goods and other things for competition, plus I had to pay for my table at this event. Mind you, selling one book would more than cover the cost of the table. How hard would it be to sell one book?

My table was on the dance floor directly in front of the stage. It was decided before I arrived that would be the best placement since they were doing face painting on the stage which would attract a younger crowd… and with the younger crowd… parents.

For this event, I made up two additional bits to take with me. I created a two-column, landscape orientation bio – column 1 my photo, column 2 the text. It attracted quite a bit of attention and by times more than my display of books. The other additional page was a copy of my book cover in the upper left, a catchy title and the back cover blurb, and excerpts from three reviews I’ve received (all with the reviewers’ consent – I asked first before I used them). I mean, why not have that at hand? You can see both of these in the first picture – one on either side of my display. However, even though they’ve become part of my repertoire, before they see the light of day again, I’m going to pick up a couple of acrylic photo frames and put them into those so that they stand up rather than lay “flat” on the table. They were still curled from coming “hot off the presses” this morning.

So, how did my day go as far as sales? I’m pleased to day I added another 5 books to my total from Ladies Night on Friday.

My next event is the Christmas Open House where I’ll be at my local independent bookstore, Leeds County Books, on November 29th from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Join me (virtually) in Bath, England where I’m at Sally Lunn’s

While I’m physically at the Mallorytown Legion taking part in their Christmas Bazaar and Bake Sale, virtually, I’ll be in Bath, England talking with my author friend, Jo Lambert, at Sally Lunn’s Tea House and Restaurant. Isn’t this a fabulous old building? While I’m here, I plan on having one of their scrumptious Bath Buns – I just need to decide if I want sweet or savory. Their menu options are so varied, it’s really hard to decide.

To eavesdrop on our chat, drop by Jo’s blog.