Leaving On A Jet Plane

Yup, we’re leaving on a jet plane but our bags aren’t packed and we’re not ready to go. I’ve not even started packing yet. I know what I’m taking so that’s all that matters. The last of the laundry is in the wash machine and after it comes out of the dryer, the packing game will commence.

Most important of all, the house and dog sitting are all arranged and have been for sometime. The boys will be staying with ‘the boy’ so everyone and everything will be secure.

The car is fuelled up and ready to go when we are. The only downer so far has been someone broke the driver’s side wing mirror on my car. But get this, whoever did it whilst it was parked on the street minding its own business (just like hubby’s car was doing back in April when someone hit it) cleaned up the broken glass. It was an expense we didn’t need in the week before our departure but what can you do, you can’t drive without it.

One necessary item when travelling to Scotland is an umbrella and looking at the weather forecast for the first week of our journey, we’re going to need them. The forecast shows rain every day. If it holds true, we might not be popular with the locals, although the farmers would probably thank us for. Still, I don’t mind the cooler temperatures. July there was as hot and humid as here and when you’re wanting to go hill walking and be outdoors, you don’t want it to be like that. We have our brolleys and will be carry them with us all of the time. Maybe, they’ll help keep the rain at bay.

When you travel abroad, how far in advance do you pack? Or are you like me, a last minute packer?