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Pennington Christmas Curse

Pennington Christmas CurseThe Pennington Christmas Curse


Gina Dickerson

 Release date: 6th January 2014

Limitless Publishing

Can curses really live outside of fairy tales?

At Winter Solstice something came for the Penningtons and tore their family apart. On the same day, thirteen years later, daughters Iysobel and Ziema are terrified by what appears in the mirror before them.

Terrified a curse hangs over the Pennington family eldest daughter Iysobel struggles to uncover the truth and find out if the curse really does exist.

Fighting forces she never imagined existed outside of the fairy tales she read as a child; Iysobel is not only in danger of losing her life but also her heart. As she discovers hidden secrets about her mother and even herself, Iysobel is caught up in an icy web of magic and mystery.

This winter one thing Iysobel isn’t wishing for is a white Christmas…

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Anthony had just reached the step to the back door when the sound of footsteps from inside drew near. The cloaked intruder stomped over the threshold, easily negotiating the snow despite wearing high-heeled boots. With a maniacal laugh, the person booted Anthony in the chest. Fueled by love, Anthony moved faster than either he or the other person had anticipated and grabbed hold of the booted foot.

“Fool!” The boot wriggled in his grasp. “You cannot stop me!”

The pearlescent leather of the boot squeaked against Anthony’s hold. Using his weight as an anchor, he pulled harder. Unable to lift his head properly he could only see as far as the intruder’s knees but he could tell they were definitely feminine, encased as they were in slim fitting silvery trousers in a silky material.

This time the voice was easily identifiable as female to Anthony’s ears. “Do you really wish to fight me?”

Anthony’s grip on the boot lessened, not for the want of trying but because his energy was fast ebbing away. “I will fight you even if it kills me…what did you do to Ana?”

The woman yanked her leg back, wrenching it free from Anthony’s weakening hands. “I made her remember the promise she had made.”

Anthony’s vision blurred with pain but he forced the words out, “What promise?”

“You ask too many questions. Maybe I should remove your tongue.” The woman cackled. “No, I will settle for something far more satisfying.”

This time Anthony was not fast enough to capture her foot as the woman kicked him in the chest. With a cry, he crashed back against the wall of the house, cracking his head above his left ear. Blood dribbled from the wound, running in and over his ear.

The cloaked woman lifted a hand and blew on her gloved palm. A cloud of ice crystals fluttered down to Anthony and danced before his eyes. Suddenly, the crystals exploded alight and shot into his surprised eyes. He screamed as the glowing crystals burrowed inside his head. Powerless to move from the awkward position he had fallen in; his agonized cries were the only sound to be heard. Darkness washed over him and the last thing Anthony saw was a soft, pink blanket flutter down and land in a crumpled heap on the blood-stained snow.


gina dickerson tpccAbout the author

Gina Dickerson lives by the Thanet coast on the north-eastern tip of Kent, in the UK, with her family and playful Siberian husky. She is a full-time author and writes romantic suspense with a twist, horror, and fantasy because her characters refuse to play nice and wind up with more than a few bone-rattling skeletons in their closets.

As well as being the author of The Pennington Christmas Curse, signed with Limitless Publishing, Gina is the author of the murderous romantic suspense novel Unveiling Christmas, the twisted short story collection, Underleaf, as well as the fantasy, adventurous romance series Mortiswood Tales, and has also written fashion and shopping columns for a local newspaper.

When she’s not writing, Gina loves rummaging in vintage clothes shops, taking way too many photographs, and leafing through fashion glossies.

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 Pennington Christmas Curse

Pennington Christmas Curse

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