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lonely hearts

Lonely Hearts


Gwyn GB


lonely heartsSeries: DI Falle

Genre: crime thriller

Release Date: 15th July 2017

Publisher: Chalky Dog Publishing

Brings a whole new meaning to killing with kindness.

Meet Rachel. She loves animals and works at a dating agency bringing lonely people together – only somebody is watching her every move and she’s scared…

Neil didn’t see who killed him – but his murder brings DI Claire Falle on the case. What she uncovers leads her to discover that a serial killer is preying on the clients of the dating agency where Rachel works.

Can Claire work out the connection between all the deaths before Rachel becomes the next victim?

And what is it in Rachel’s past that haunts her?

As DI Claire Falle investigates the lives of the dating agency staff and clients, she is pulled into a tangled web of loneliness and deceit which will have devastating consequences for someone.

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Authors have an amazing opportunity these days with social media. They can directly reach readers and connect with fellow authors and industry professionals like they’ve never been able to before. Some say the opportunities are helping make this a golden age for authors who now no longer are hidden behind the pages of their books, their agents and the publishing houses, but can communicate directly with their readers on a scale that would never have been contemplated twenty years ago.

1. The first stage of social media help comes when you’re researching your book. There are so many amazingly interesting Twitter accounts and Facebook groups out there and you’re almost certain to find one which will provide you with information and expert advice. For example, if you’re writing crime you’ll find lots of ex police and forensics people on Twitter. Some are now writers themselves, others are often happy to help writers. There is of course always the caveat that you need to check the information you are reading, and the background of the supplier, particularly in Facebook groups and the like, because unfortunately there are also lots of people who consider themselves experts or who in good faith repeat what they think are facts and aren’t.

2. While you’re researching and writing your book it can be a lonely process so this is where the ‘social’ in social media really comes into its own. The author community is generally incredibly supportive, so start connecting with fellow authors who can understand your journey and help point you towards resources and information that can help you. Find authors in your genre and then look at who they’re following – that’s the easiest way to find a good list of people. You’ll also find it rewarding supporting others and could make some great new friends.

3. Marketing and Advertising. Once your book is written, the hard work begins in marketing it. Social media makes that a little easier because it can allow you to broadcast to the world. If you’ve built up your community as you’ve been writing your book then you’ll have a ready group of those interested in knowing it’s now published. If you’re indie published then you might also need to do your own advertising. Gone are the days when you spent thousands on a print ad that would be seen by lots of people, but only a small percentage of that readership were your target audience. Now you can advertise on Facebook and target your ads to the exact type of person you know will be interested – and for a fraction of the cost.

4. Reviewers and bloggers. While you’re writing your book it’s worth keeping an eye on book blogs and building relationships with bloggers. Again, social media is great for this. A quick Twitter or Instagram search will soon come up with plenty of book bloggers for you to connect with. Facebook groups for both readers and reviewers are also excellent ways to make contacts.

5. Of course, the most important role of social media is to connect with your readers. I have absolutely loved receiving feedback from my readers for both of my books, ‘Islands’ and ‘Lonely Hearts’. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. Whether that’s through your own Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other social media (depending on who your audience is determines what social channels they use). This means not just ‘broadcasting’ to your readers and trying to sell books, but having conversations with them and making things personal not commercial. Never before have authors been able to talk directly to their readers on a global scale and 24/7. Building relationships also builds loyalty and that is critical in a world where your book is just one of millions hoping to be noticed.

Finally, there are downsides to social media. Keyboard warriors can raise their ugly heads and attack as well as support. Don’t let their small-mindedness put you off. Also it can be a tremendous distraction and crutch to those who procrastinate rather than get on with writing. View social media as one of the tools to use in your writing and marketing arsenal and you won’t be disappointed.


lonely hearts

Gwyn GB is a writer living in Jersey, Channel Islands. A native of the UK she moved to the island with her Jersey-born husband, geriatric dog, two boys and goldfish.

Gwyn is a former national and international newsreader for BBC TV and ITN in London and Jersey. She’s also freelanced for national newspapers and magazines in the UK, once had her own magazine publishing business and has a PR diploma. She is currently working in the digital industry while writing in her spare time.

Gwyn is also the author of ‘Islands’.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gwyngbwriter

Twitter: www.twitter.com/gwyngb

Goodreads Author Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14435501.Gwyn_G_B_

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/gwyngb

Website: https://www.gwyngb.com


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