Christmas baking ~ Treats I grew up with…

Christmas baking

When I was growing up the Christmas baking started before Halloween to ensure there was enough to get us through from Christmas Eve to after New Years.

My mum had a set of metal Christmas themed cookie cutters – Christmas tree, bell, holly leave and Santa with his bag of toys on his back.

Christmas baking
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Mum’s shortbread recipe:

1 cup soft butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla

Bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes. Makes about 3 dozen.

Once these were out of the oven and cooled, they were put in special cookie tins that were only used this time of year.

Another treat that was made for Christmas was chocolate fudge.

My mum used the Carnation 5 minute fudge recipe. Easy to make and did it ever taste good!

Christmas baking
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I loved being home when this was made because I got to lick the wooden spoon that was used in the making of it and have the scrapings from the pot.

The fudge was stored in a waxed-paper lined tin with sheets of the paper between the layers of candy to keep them from sticking to each other.

Mum also made mincemeat and cranberry tarts which she froze. Now we didn’t have a big freezer and the tiny one in the top corner of our fridge was barely big enough for a brick of ice cream.  Being the resourceful person she was, all the tarts were individually wrapped in foil and placed in one of her large roast pans and buried in the snow outside the backdoor.

They were brought in as and when needed and warmed in the oven.

I always knew when I came home from school at lunch time and my grandmother was perched on the stool at the end of the counter that it was fruitcake making day. She always came to help.

During the Christmas baking season our house always smelled so good with the aromas of the various holiday treats. Thinking back to these days, I’m getting hungry.

What seasonal treats did you have when you were young?


6 thoughts on “Christmas baking ~ Treats I grew up with…”

  1. Oh, they look and sound yummy, Melanie, but I’d better not! My mum used to bake too but hardly ever followed a recipe. I used to bake mince pies and a large Christmas cake but haven’t the past couple of years as I’d just eat them all.
    Have a happy Christmas and healthy and successful New Year!

  2. They were really yummy, Rosemary! I used to do a lot of baking and the biggest challenge was keeping it until Christmas. My helper elves, helped themselves to the treats practically as soon as they were made.

  3. I’m having a sugar attack. Everything looks so good.
    My mother made pecan pies that were awesome. I still make them to this day, using her recipe. I’ll be making two tomorrow for Friday.
    When my boys were little we made Christmas tree sugar cookies. They had fun decorating them.
    A Merry Christmas to you.

  4. Well, I’m not a baker or even a cook, for that matter. But, my stepdaughter is becoming quite the chef and baker. She and her mom bake an incredibly delicious assortment of cookies for Christmas every year. They put together a tin just for our house, too. I do love them, but, unfortunately, I tend to eat too many of them. Oh well! Tis the season! 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Beverly. Your pecan pie sounds delicious! enjoy every last morsel.

    Merry Christmas to you, too! 🙂

  6. T’is the season for sure, Shawn! I’d like to get back into baking, but the hips and waistline certainly don’t need it. Glad to hear your stepdaughter looks after you with a good supply of Christmas cookies.

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