Start as you mean to go on…

This year started out well. I’ve been working like a fiend on the project I started for #NaNoWriMo. I had plenty of these moments…


And a few of these ones, too…


I eased my way back into the blogosphere slowly with the plan of picking up the pace as the month went on.

Then disaster struck!

I turned on my computer and went to my blog to delete spam comments, reply to legitimate comments, check my site stats, like I do every morning. Only the sidebars (not entirely I came to discover later) and header image were there!

Instead of my most recent blog post filling the section in the middle of the screen, the two words that were there in large bold print “Nothing Found” haunted me. I didn’t notice it immediately but all my pages were missing, too.

Thankfully, my hosting company were able to restore my blog’s database back to prior to my disappearance. I figured if I had to re-write one post, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

startThey restored me. I crashed me. They restored me again. Some of the content still didn’t work. Third time was a charm and normal service has been resumed.

I digress for a moment, do you cross your fingers middle over index or index over middle. I tried the way it’s shown in the clip art and I find it extremely awkward.

The week of January 17-23 was the week from hell at The House of King. I was frustrated, angry, angry at myself, and generally not a nice person to be around. Trust me, my husband agrees totally with that statement.



I keep my fingers crossed that normal service will continue as I have lots of exciting things happening in 2016 that I want to be able to share with you, my lovely followers.

This is for you, my peep! Mwah!



4 thoughts on “Start as you mean to go on…”

  1. Oh dear – hope everything is working smoothly again, Melanie! I tried the crossing fingers and I do it the same way as the clip art – middle finger over first finger.

  2. Thanks, Rosemary. Everything seems to be running smoothly again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, too, (index over middle) although it does make it difficult to type that things continue in this fashion. 😉

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