D is for Dead Wood #AtoZChallenge

Dead Wood

D is for Dead Wood by Chris Longmuir

Dead Wood

Blurb: (from Goodreads) Award winning crime novel set in Dundee, Scotland, A mystery and detective story which is a combination of police procedural, and woman in jeopardy. Book 2 of The Dundee Crime Series, with the popular DS Bill Murphy.

Kara owes money to Dundee gangster Tony and takes to the streets to earn the cash. She narrowly escapes the clutches of a killer on the prowl, but stumbles across the bodies of his other victims. Hunted by the serial killer and the gangsters, Kara goes on the run.

DS Bill Murphy teams up with newcomer, DC Louise Walker in the murder investigation. But Murphy is heading for a breakdown and it is up to Louise to catch the killer.

One of the murder victims is the daughter of Dundee gangster, Tony, and he vows revenge. He is determined to mete out his own kind of justice to the killer.

Who will find the killer first? Tony or the police. And what will happen to Kara? In the end what kind of justice will prevail?

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Dundee International Book Prize winner 2009

Chris Longmuir is an award winning novelist. Her previous crime novels have won the Pitlochry Award, and the Dundee International Book Prize.


6 thoughts on “D is for Dead Wood #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Not sure I would use the word tasty to describe Chris’s book, but it is a great read! I’m going to re-read it and the other books in her Dundee Crime Series.

  2. Thanks for featuring my book, Melanie, and I like the description of ‘tasty’ Rosa. And can I just reassure Suzanne and say that although the book does have gangsters in it, I don’t think Scottish gangsters equate with ‘the mob’. And I would describe it as more of a murder-mystery suspense thriller with a woman in danger aspect. I certainly wouldn’t call it a ‘mob’ story.

    Thanks again, Melanie. It’s great to see Dead Wood on Celtic Connexions.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Chris! It’s been a pleasure to feature your book, Dead Wood. I’m looking forward to reading all of your books – again.

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