Taking A Step Back… Looking at The Big Picture

I’ve just found myself in such a place. I’m in the midst of all of the above. Have I added way too much detail? Can I still give this character what she wants but simplify it? Overall, I like the direction I’m going in. I’m just concerned over the amount of piddly-arse details that really don’t need to be there.

So, whilst I ponder my conundrum, I’m taking a step back and am going to enjoy the other past time that goes so well with writing… reading. Now I don’t like to read in the genre I’m writing in for fear of incorporating something from that in my work. So I’ve dusted off a crime novel by another favourite author of mine.

If when I’m reading, I’m struck with a profound revelation that will get me out of my predicament, I’ll go back to my manuscript and get it on “paper”.

2 thoughts on “Taking A Step Back… Looking at The Big Picture”

  1. It’s good practice to step back and see all you have written with fresh eyes – and what a better way to relax than to enjoy someone else’s story telling – except of course when you realise what you have in front of you is a work of genius and that to me is just demoralising!

  2. Thanks Janice. My brain was beginning to feel like mush. I’m rather enjoying the book I’m reading although I’m not tearing through this one like the first one I read from this author.

    Guess that’s all related to the mushy brain syndrome. But it’s now the weekend so hopefully, I’ll make a lot more progress.

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