Has Anyone Seen My Muse?

My muse is missing in action. I thought at first it was off sulking because I wanted to go in one direction with my writing and it wanted to go the opposite way. We’ve hit impasses before but they’ve never lasted this long. Previously, one of us (mostly me) has come slinking back all apologetic.

However, this time it’s different. I’ve offended my poor muse – big time! I hoped my recent weekend away would give us some time apart and it would be waiting impatiently for my return, ready to smack me into writing submission. It wasn’t.

I’ve looked in the closets, under the beds, in the garage, the garden shed and it’s not in any of those places.

I’ll bring flowers, a nice bottle of wine and maybe even some chocolate to our reconciliation meeting if it means us getting back into a working relationship.

So if you should happen to see my muse wandering about aimlessly, looking lost, dejected and rejected and will you please send it home?

You can tell it, too, that if it comes home, I will love it and hug it and squeeze it and call it George.





6 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen My Muse?”

  1. Only way to get back your muse is to start without him. Sit down and just write. If you keep at it, George will get interested and sneak back to see what you are writing. If you ignore him, he will start to shout his ideas in your ear. Works every time!

  2. Hi Janice, If I happen across your mojo muse I’ll send her home. George fancies himself as rather a ladies man.

  3. Hi Maggie, I’ll try your suggestion. George has been known to be loud and, somewhat demanding by times – not to mention likes to hang over my shoulder to see what I’m writing.

  4. HA HA HA ! Very nice Mel !! I think ur muse is playing hide and seek with u. If u find him, give him nice treat as u said and if he finds u, I am sure he will help u with new ideas for writing……. Good Luck !!

  5. Think he’s only playing hide and seek? Hope you’re right, Grace.
    Okay George, come out come out wherever you are…

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