Return of the Missing Muse

It’s still a bit too early to tell but I think my muse (aka George) has come home. I was working on a short story last night and I felt like I was being watched. The hubby was the only other person in the house at the time and he was working on genealogy on the other computer. The dog was asleep on his bed. Well, I’m assuming the dog was sleeping because he was doing a fine job of snoring. Besides, the feeling I had was more like someone was peering over my shoulder more or less reading what I was writing.

I firmly believe my house is haunted. It’s well over one hundred years old so surely at least one person died there. I’ve had a few encounters in the middle of the night with apparitions, spirits if you will – and not the kind that come in a bottle – those kind are a totally different story.

So, back to the feeling of someone peering over my left shoulder. Where I felt it from, the only thing behind me there is my laser printer and a case of paper. So I think it was George just checking to make sure I was actually writing something and not just goofing off.

I have forewarned my hubby that if he hears me talking to myself and the name George is mentioned, it’s only me arguing with my muse and he’s not to worry unless we get extremely loud and start throwing things! I doubt it will come to that but you never know.


3 thoughts on “Return of the Missing Muse”

  1. I’ve had those ‘someone’s watching me’ feelings too in some of those old houses… you just never know. I’m glad George has returned.. but I know you can write without him!

  2. Glad George showed up! Strange feelings okay, as long as he doesn’t throw things first. We had a ghost in house in England. Used to call him Elvis. My parents, in another house, were woken up by someone dragging something very heavy over the roof. They threw on coats and went outside, to find all their neighbours looking at the roof. No one was there, but everyone heard it.
    Now get that George to work doing musely things. He’s been on vacation long enough. Just don’t send him over here. I’ve got goosebumps at the thought.

  3. George hasn’t thrown anything… yet. So far just nodding his approval at what I’m working on… not my novel manuscript but a short story.

    I’ve decided I have a rather dark side that needs to be let out every now and then and now is one of those times. I promise I won’t scare you… too bad – or should that be badly?

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