Coming soon! A children’s picture book

Here it is, the gorgeous cover for my

children’s picture book!

children's picture book illustrated book

What’s this children’s picture book about you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

Can five completely different animals become friends?

Meet two dogs who befriend a moose on the train from Vancouver to Toronto. Along the way,  two bears – a black bear and a grizzly – join them.

Will the group overcome their differences and discover that deep down they’re all the same?

You can read how the book came to be here.

I’m thrilled with the job Aria Jones did on the illustrations. I found her on Fiverr and would use her again.

I’m waiting for quotes from two area printers. Given the fact, I’d prefer to use ‘local’ companies; I’ve requested quotes from two of them. One did the original print run of Tim’s Magic Christmas. The other is new to me but within walking distance of my house, which makes it great for picking up the finished product. The colour pictures will drive the cost up, but you can’t have a picture book without them, and black and white images aren’t going to do it.

When the buy links are available, I’ll post them here. I’ll also post regular updates on my Facebook author page as to the book’s progress.

Most Saturday’s during the summer, you’ll find me at the Brockville Farmers’ Market. As soon as the print edition is available, I’ll be there with it. You’ll find me on the east side of Market Street West next to city hall.




5 thoughts on “Coming soon! A children’s picture book”

  1. Dear Melanie,
    This is very exciting! So happy that you’wrote this children’s book and found a great illustrator for it! It is very nice that you are using a local printer if you can.

    Good luck!
    Never. Give Up

  2. I knew you would be the first person to comment on my post, Joan. 😉 but I didn’t think I would find it in moderation. When I accept the quote, I’ll add a credit to the copyright page saying who published the book and their location before converting it to pdf format for them.

  3. Congrats on your new picture book coming soon! I love the idea of the different animals learning to get along and discovering they aren’t so different after all ~ a very needed and timely concept. 🙂 Looking forward to learning more as it becomes available.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Shawn. I’ll keep you in the loop with the book’s progress. Yes, you’re right about the different critters discovering they’re really not so different after all.

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