The Pi Game! Let’s play! 3.14159

The Pi Game!

Not this Pi,

nor this pie.

Rhododendrites [CC BY-SA (]
No, the Pi Game has nothing to do with our little friend, Pi, nor the kind of pie you eat.

This is a fun game for the authors out there, and it somewhat relates to Pi in that it’s going to involve the third chapter and the fourteenth line of text on the page.

Here’s a sampling of line 14 in Chapter 3 of my books.

First up, from the second edition of A Shadow in the Past

and filthy. Her knees stung like someone scraped sandpaper over them.

From the sequel, Shadows From Her Past

Jenny. “And I missed you, too, sweetie.”

My supernatural with ‘spicy’ romance, The Secret of Hillcrest House

room. I just made a fresh pot of coffee. Can you stay for a cup,

Romantic suspense/psychological thriller, YESTERDAY TODAY ALWAYS…

shelter of the doorway to meet him. “Hope you’ve not been out

Sweet Christmas Romance, It Happened on Dufferin Terrace…

on her MacBook Air and searched jonathans.

Sweet Romance with suspense, It Happened in Gastown…

end, or at least until she had information to take to them to

You get the idea.

And here’s our little buddy, Pi, who inspired me to come up with the “Pi Game.”

Pi Day

So enjoy the day and when you think of it, remember our little friend 3.14159.

Before I leave, here’s the link to the Pi Day post I shared last year.

I’ve shared some of my line fourteens from chapter three in my books. Leave a comment with yours. I’d love to see them. Just remember, keep the posts clean – at least PG13. 🙂

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