Happy Endings… they come in many genres (and some where you might not expect to find them)

They might not always be “happily ever after” but even the premise of a couple beginning their life together can be a happy ending.

What of the ending of a crime novel? The criminal is caught, the police have done their job. Not a happy ending in the strictest sense but a good resolution. And if you love reading crime fiction then that could be considered YOUR happy ending.

And the most unsuspecting place I think you can find a happy ending is in the horror genre. Good triumphs over evil… how much happier can you get than that?

Okay, I confess, I have some strange ideas when it comes to places to find happy endings.

And as long as you feel good, satisfied at the outcome, and put a book away and not feel cheated… doesn’t that make a happy ending?

So before I alienate my romance writer friends and readers, I still love to pick up a good romance novel. And more importantly, I write in that genre – although I still remain pre-published, I remain hopeful that one day I’ll be a featured on an interactive website as fantastic as http://loveahappyending.com/

One thought on “Happy Endings… they come in many genres (and some where you might not expect to find them)”

  1. I like ur views Mel ! They are positive and practical at the same time. The way u think and write, I am sure that u will be featured on interactive website. Good Luck !!

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