Things to do with/to a Volkswagen Bug

Yesterday my husband and I took advantage of the sunny, warm day and went on a quest so I could photograph this. We’ve seen this many times on our way to or from Toronto as we’ve passed by on the motorway (aka 401) but even with the wide shoulders, stopping out there to take photos isn’t the most advisable.

When we reached the road that led to the field where this particular VW resides, there was a chain across it. It hadn’t been posted No Trespassing, so we grabbed one of the bottles of water we’d taken with us and hiked in down the gravel road.

Even with the length of the hike, the soft gravel in places, it was worth it to capture these pictures.

Spider? Ladybug? Beetle? You decide.

Spider? Ladybug? Beetle? You decide.
Spider? Ladybug? Beetle? You decide.
Skeleton suspended over mailbox at the end of the gravel road

There is another creative use of a Volkswagen Bug further afield, but a wee bit too far to make into a day trip. It will have to wait for another time… maybe August.

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  1. I’ve seen that double-bug many times on the boring old 401 drive. Nice to see a closer up photo. And glad you took a day for yourself and went on a cruise. It used to be the thing to do, load up the car, fill the tank and head out who-knows-where…mystery drives. Sadly the cost of fuel has killed that past-time, making those drives few and far between.


  2. What an amazing piece of artwork! When we holidayed just outside Marbella years ago, we used to pass a scrapyard by the side of the main road which had a yellow Citroen 2CV impaled on a pole! Not quite the same thing I do realise!!

  3. Remember the Russian Lada? There’s one of them on the top of a pole at the local auto wreckers.

    Won’t be long and this particular VW bug will no longer be visible from the 401. The trees along the road are getting bigger and bushier all the time.

  4. There was a chain across the road but there was no No Trespassing sign, so we went on down the road.

    I know the owner and there are few things that make him angry. Ignoring the chain and walking down the road is the lesser of the evils. The chain is there to prevent the residents of the slum-division across the road from driving down and dumping all kinds of garbage, fridges, stoves and sofa’s ; not to mention brush and leaves by the truckload. These neighbours treat his fields like their own personal playground destroying crops and causing damage. Dirt bikes and atv’s tear up the private road at a cost of $750 to have it graded.

    In addition to those people there are a few who wander down just to see what if anything there is to steal. You think that skeleton is original?. No.

    In 2004 the original skeleton was hung on a Wed and stolen by the weekend. It was really something. About 6 ft in height, 150 pounds heavy steel welded construction, fully articulated , one of a kind. The owner offered a $1,000 reward and did find out who stole it but the police would not act on the information. The reward still stands and an additional $1,000 if there are any charges laid. While it is hard to describe a couple points to look for to distinguish it from other sculptures are the spine is a short length of very heavy chain; the skeleton has fingers but does not have toes. If you think you know where it is, send a picture to this email address and I will pass it on. If you have found it he will get in touch with you.

  5. Sorry to hear the owner has had so much grief from the yobs and ne’er do wells that seem to have taken over society. They ruin it for the responsible folks out there.

    The original skeleton sounds interesting. I hope it’s found and returned to its rightful owner intact, although with the length of time its been missing, it doesn’t seem likely.

  6. Where I come from, if there’s a chain across the road, it generally means keep out unless you’re invited. Much like the door to your home.
    Just an observation.

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