After we left the impaled, legged Volkwagen

In order to enjoy a more leisurely pace on our homeward trip, we came home via County Rd 2 through all the towns and villages along the way… far more relaxing than motorway driving. I was a bit disappointed that the road didn’t run closer to the water like it does in places down here.

We stopped in Napanee (home of Avril Lavigne) at Springside Park. Just inside the roadside car park, the CN mainline crosses the Napanee River on this viaduct and trestle. While in the park, we strolled along the path next to the water.

CN viaduct
Napanee River
Napanee River
Blue Heron
One of the Napanee River fountains

Just past this fountain, we reached the bridge on Centre St. We left our oasis by the water and worked our way up to the corner of Centre St and Dundas (Cty Rd 2) where I took a photo of the mural on the side of the Flowers by Barbara shop.


I had to be quick here when I took the picture as I only had a very short break in the traffic. As it turned out, I did much better than I suspected.

After getting the photo of the mural, we made our way back to the walkway along the river. To my delight when we got back near the foot of the falls, the blue heron was still there. He seemed quite comfortable around people and was likely only about ten feet away from us and didn’t seem to be the least bit frightened. I think he was getting himself ready for the camera here.

Getting ready to be photographed
Posing (again) for the camera

 After this we headed off to Odessa and the historica Babcock Mill there. But that adventure I’ll put in a separate post. This one has gotten quite long, not to mention, I keep losing my Safe Draft button.

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