Richard Holmes launches his Angelic Wisdom Trilogy today

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Launch Day for Angelic Wisdom Trilogy by Richard Holmes

As featured Author Richard Holmes releases Angelic Wisdom Trilogy it is a day that marks another step in his career as an author.  This new book combines three of Richard’s earlier volumes and has been updated.


There are  2 copies of the original Angelic Wisdom Vol 2, waiting to be won.  It will give you a feel for this exciting triology.  Simply Email us at by 25 July 2011 asking to be entered into the random draw and sending Richard your good wishes.

This wonderful trilogy of angelic insights started life back in 2002, and was originally three separate volumes.  It is a delightful piece of work that allows the reader to take a peek into the very souls of these truly amazing celestial beings that we like to refer to as angels.  

The first part of the book goes into great detail as to how the angels function and what they actually do for the Earth and mankind in general. 

Part two gives a deep insight into spiritual (natural) law and answers the kind of questions that tend to keep the average mere mortal frustrated and in the dark.  For example, have you ever wondered why you continuously seem to attract the same kinds of people into your life that always causes you hurt and pain?  This question and many more are dealt with within the pages of part two.  There are also question and answer sessions in parts one and two, between the author and his celestial guardian, that are both thought provoking and interesting to say the least.  

Finally, part three consists entirely of such a session and deals with matters that the author felt remained unanswered from the previous two volumes.  This book will change your life;  you can’t afford NOT to read it.

Here are some extracts from this amazing book :-

Miracles are everyday occurrences and are living proof of God’s love and grace.  A miracle can happen anytime, anywhere and such events demonstrate the extent that God will go to, in order to express his love for mankind.  So what is a miracle?  It is an event that occurs in seemingly impossible circumstances; a happening that defies all logic.  Humans experience miracles on a daily basis, but are oblivious to the majority of such Divine occurrences.

Miracles happen because mankind constantly requires proof and confirmation that God really does exist.  How then can we in the angelic realms describe a miracle to you?  How can we convince you that miracles really happen?  You are probably thinking that this is not possible, for many of you will not be aware of experiencing miracles first hand, and you are probably waiting for us to give examples.

The best example that we can give you, dear reader, is the example of how you came to be reading this book.  Each and every one of you has a story to tell, each and every one of you has walked a pathway of many lumps, bumps, twists and turns.  Indeed many of you will think it is an absolute wonder, a miracle, that you now read literature such as this.  As you cast your mind back over the years and think on the journey that has brought you to this book, I’m sure you will agree that it is nothing short of miraculous.

Look around you at nature, the different life forms, the trees, the vegetation, the wonderful colours and smells, is this not all miraculous?  Indeed life itself is a miracle, the very air you breathe, the sunshine, the seasons, all are miraculous.  Once you grasp an appreciation of all these things, then your whole life will be one miraculous experience for you.

Miracles are not impossible events.  They are everyday occurrences and demonstrations of love in action, love in motion.  When you understand the miracle that is your life, and when you are truly grateful for all that life gives you, then, and only then, can you say that you are on the right pathway to self-realisation.  The Law of Miracles decrees that when you truly walk a pathway of light, you understand that everything in your life is a gift from God, a miracle.  Armed with this wisdom your life becomes bliss – which is the ultimate miracle.  God bless you.

Zadkiel – Angel of wisdom and truth

Intention is probably the most important thing in any thought, feeling or deed that you conceive, in that it is the intention behind the thought, feeling or deed that determines the outcome.  The outcome in this case meaning the level of cause and effect.  There have been many deeds carried out with good intentions that have not yielded desirable results.  However, this does not necessarily mean that the perpetrators have acquired a degree of negative karma by their actions.  It is what is in your heart that counts.

Your intentions count for everything, and this is a very important truth to grasp for all those who seek a pathway of light.  Once you conceive a thought there is a simultaneous interaction between the mind and the heart.  In this minute moment in time, your intentions behind the thought are determined.  Remember, we have spoken previously about today’s thoughts being tomorrow’s reality.  As soon as the thought is conceived it goes out into the ether and will manifest itself at some stage or other.  This means that if you have a thought based on good intentions, but for various reasons forget to carry out the actions behind the thought, there is every chance that the manifestation of the good actions will take place anyway.  For example, if you know of someone who is under the weather and needs healing, it may be your intention, via your thoughts, to send this person absent healing (please see the section on healing for an explanation of this).  If you then forget it won’t matter because the thought has already gone out into the ether.  Your angels in the higher spiritual realms will pick up on this and act in accordance with your thoughts.

Everything is created by the thoughts of man.  Humans create all situations for themselves by the power of their thoughts.  Life on the Earth plane is most definitely an illusion, but the actions of humans are the product of previous thoughts, which in turn became feelings and then actions.  Today’s thoughts create tomorrow’s life; we have stated this on many previous occasions.  Humans are slaves to their own thoughts.  The human mind will “steal” your happiness and create for you unhappiness based on illusion.  By the same token humans can also experience joy whilst on Earth.  The thing to remember is that matter is constantly in motion and is driven by the thoughts of humankind.  It’s like a child having a piece of plasticine and constantly creating different objects from the same piece.  The plasticine itself will always remain the same but the object created will always be in accordance with the child’s imagination.  This is the illusion.  Everything on the Earth plane is comprised of matter, which is concentrated energy.  The energy will always be constant, but the scenarios of people’s lives will always be a product of their thoughts.  Thoughts are very confusing and changeable; therefore the illusion will change too.  This is why some people appear to go from disaster to disaster throughout their lives.

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