After the Sabrina Jeffries workshop…

I think everything I learned at the all-day Sabrina Jeffries workshop last weekend has finally been totally digested and assimilated. Afterwards, everyone said they felt the light go on for them and their writing. For me it was more like light flashbulbs going off and I was on the red carpet amidst all the brilliant bursts of light. WOW!

I came away knowing that I’m going to split my first manuscript into two, where it will be split, how it will end – and best off all I’m feeling confident that my decision is the right one.

Things are moving in the right direction.

Thank you Sabrina!

4 thoughts on “After the Sabrina Jeffries workshop…”

  1. And it does sound like a big ‘wow’ Melanie! Isn’t it great when everything suddenly becomes clear – whatever the trigger – and you know where you are going with a manuscript? I’ll be watching and waiting … good luck!

  2. How very exciting! The only rule I follow is one of following ones ‘inner voice’ – and it sounds like yours is yelling at you Melanie!

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