In loving memory…

Ruth (Neddo) Robertson May 13, 1930 - September 14, 2010

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since my mum passed away. I still kick myself for not stopping by the hospital after I did a presentation at the local genealogical society on Home Children but at the time I was certain it would wait until the next night when I would be visiting. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When my mum turned 75, my cousin, Patsy, wrote a poem for her. It was read aloud by the nieces and nephews at the surprise birthday bash I’d arranged at one of our local restaurants. At the end of each verse, the kids all pumped their arms in the air and hollered “Hey, Aunt Ruthie!”

I presided over my mum’s funeral and Patsy, along with her two younger sisters and me, spoke about our memories. At the end of our service, I suggested we give my mum one last “Hey Aunt Ruthie” and everyone in attendance obliged.

The day of the internment, we sent my mum off with a ‘slightly revised’ version of the Tribute to Aunt Ruthie, popped the cork on a bottle of bubbly and played Go Rest High on that Mountain by her favourite country singer, Vince Gill.

This is the revised version of the poem…

When Aunt Ruthie turned 75,
We wrote this little ditty
It’s shorter than “The Highwayman”
But we think it’s kind of pretty.

Our Aunt Ruthie, she’s the best,
Uses you good when you’re her guest
She’s classier than all the rest!

Our Aunt Ruthie, she’s the one,
Has an annual garage sale that’s second to none,
We sell some stuff and have some fun!

She loves all the little creatures,
That can’t fend for themselves.
But George and Laura and the Queen
Can all go straight to hell.

She always has a nice big car
And man this babe can drive.
Just don’t blow your horn behind her
If you want to stay alive.

She keeps her houses sparkly clean,
She’s always on the job.
She likes her tea and bubbly,
And she likes her men called Bob.

Mother, sister, sweetheart, friend,
She’s all of these and more,
And she’s our Aunt Ruthie,
The one we all adore.

Well, Aunt Ruthie, the time has come,
For our little ditty to end.
We wanted you to know what you mean to us,
You really are a Godsend.

So let’s raise a glass to Aunt Ruthie,
Who has shown love and tenderness,
One thing is true and always will be
She’s definitely a Goddess!!!!

4 thoughts on “In loving memory…”

  1. Oh Melanie, that is beautiful; it brought tears to my eyes.
    She will be missed by all those who loved her, including her chippy’s and squirrels.
    Yeah Aunt Ruthie, if I can be so bold as to say!

  2. Beautiful poem Mel !! Brought tears to my eyes…….. People are always alive in our memories…… U r a very good daughter to share ur deepest feelings about ur Mom with us and I know ur Mom is watching u from above !!!!!!! Thx…..Alot….

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